How We Work With
Military & Veterans
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Your career takes you all over the world.

Your responsibilities are spread further than most realize.

We know your situation and have the flexibility to work around your schedule. You have a retirement plan, TSP, and healthcare for life. We do the work to make sure you are maximizing your benefits.

Things to consider:

Have you timed your TSP and IRA contributions with your bonus to ensure you don't jump into the 22% tax bracket?

If you contribute to an IRA, are you overpaying for the management?

If you are planning to shift your MGIB/Post 9/11 to your children/spouse, are you aware of the numerous rules around the program?

If you're in BRS (not legacy), are you taking advantage of the TSP match?

When you PCS, do you have someone audit your travel voucher summary?

Would you prefer to have a professional admin department external to your command who prepares your PCS, retirement, and pay documents?

When you retire, will you compare SBP to a civilian life insurance policy?

When you retire, will you use VA healthcare, Tricare, or both?

When you turn 65, will you use Tricare for life or a different Medicare Advantage plan?

When you retire, what is the best method to withdraw from your TSP/IRA to ensure you do not overpay taxes?

Military & Veterans

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