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Welcome to our comparative analysis page where you can explore how Mainstay Capital's comprehensive wealth management services and transparent pricing measure up against average competitors. Led by our founder, Marcus P. Miller, a CFP® qualified advisor with years of experience and dedication, we offer an array of financial planning services, investment advice, estate planning guidance, retirement strategies, tax planning, and insurance advice—all under a flat-fee structure that ensures no hidden costs. Serving families across the United States, we are committed to offering exceptional value through our fiduciary approach. Dive in to understand how our services, pricing, and ethics set us apart in the market, and why choosing Mainstay Capital could be the best financial decision you make.


Mainstay Capital

Offers a comprehensive suite of financial planning services and investment management. In addition, we follow a transparent and fair pricing model, eliminating any hidden fees or commissions, thereby aligning our goals with those of our clients.

Investment Firm

Provides services in managing investment portfolios and offering a broad spectrum of investment strategies.

Insurance Company

Offers insurance products and services, including life insurance, health insurance, and annuities. Their expertise lies in mitigating risks and ensuring their clients' assets are protected under unforeseen circumstances.

Fee Structure

  • Flat Fee

  • Minimum $900/yr

  • Increases when assets managed goes over $200,000.

  • Example:

    • Family w/ $10,000: $900/yr

    • Family w/ $100,000: $900/yr

    • Family w/ $250,000: $1,300/yr

    • Family w/ $500,000: $3,300/yr

    • Family w/ $1,000,000:  $5,800/yr

  • Fees are based on assets managed.

  • Accounts with low balances typically receive less attention.

  • The typical asset manager fee is 1%.

  • Example:

    • Family w/ $10,000: $100/yr

    • Family w/ $100,000: $1,000/yr

    • Family w/ $250,000: $2,500/yr

    • Family w/ $500,000: $5,000/yr

    • Family w/ $1,000,000:  $10,000/yr

  • Typically a commission, asset management, and other mortality fees wrapped into the product.

  • Extramely complicated, but as a general rule you might assume 3% per year.

  • Example:

    • Family w/ $10,000: $300/yr

    • Family w/ $100,000: $3,000/yr

    • Family w/ $250,000: $7,500/yr

    • Family w/ $500,000: $15,000/yr

    • Family w/ $1,000,000:  $30,000/yr

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