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  • Marcus P. Miller, CFP®

Bitcoins place in a diversified portfolio

What is Bitcoin really? A digital asset that we can own, like an MP3? True, somewhat. The actual technology can be uncovered in an incredible lecture series by MIT and Current SEC Chairman Gary Gensler found here:

Bitcoin is indeed an asset, although it's underlying value is hard to pin down. For gold we can use historical prices, the cost of digging it from the ground, or perhaps it's commercial and industrial uses. Bitcoin has none of that going for it. It's short history makes it seem like just another hot fad. The cost in equipment and energy baffles some and angers others. It has few uses outside the store of (perceived) value.

So why own it? Perhaps because someone in the future will think it's worth much more than it is today. Perhaps it becomes the staple of our future economy, with everything being valued in Bitcoin. In that future, the money supply