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  • Marcus P. Miller, CFP®

PPP Loans

PPP ("Paycheck Protection Program") Loans are the newest and hottest topic of conversation for small business owners. Why? Well, for starters they may be life saving to the small business struggling to pay its employees. After all, that was the intent of the program. For many others it's an incredible boon to their business allowing them to grow. Isn't that the secondary purpose of the program? Small businesses all around are applying for PPP loans even when they are doing okay. These "First Draw" loans don't seem to have many disqualifying hurdles to jump over to qualify.

There are so many stories about people getting PPP loans and buying cars and vacations with the money. However, these people are the exception since most of them don't actually own businesses. They are abusing the system and should be punished. For those of you who actually own a business and operate it as such, there is nothing to fear.

Simple rules to follow if you get a PPP loan