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Marcus P. Miller, CFP®, MBA

Financial Planner

Meet Marcus Miller, the financial planner with a passion for teamwork, ethical conduct, and transparency.

Growing up in Tampa, Florida, Marcus joined the US Navy to embark on a journey of service and self-discovery. During his nine years of military service, he earned a finance degree and held various financial roles while traveling the world from the Middle East to Europe and Australia.

Within the Navy, Marcus served as a financial counselor for six years, guiding his fellow service members in navigating complex fiscal decisions. His role ranged from helping sailors with their pay and benefits, to guiding them in managing debt and planning for future financial stability. His time as a financial counselor in the Navy offered him the unique opportunity to understand the direct impact of sound financial advice. This marked the beginning of his transition from the Navy to a dedicated financial planner.

After completing his service, Marcus returned home with a newfound interest in personal finance. He pursued this passion by obtaining his Certified Financial Planner™ designation and dedicating himself to helping families make informed financial decisions. Marcus also holds an MBA from the University of Florida, which he utilizes to blend education and experience to provide top-notch financial guidance.

He has worked with leading financial firms such as Mainstay Capital LLC and Origin Financial, honing his skills and knowledge to better serve his clients. Today, as a Certified Financial Planner™, Marcus is dedicated to reducing taxes, investing wisely, and ensuring that his clients retire on their terms.

Marcus is a proud member of the following professional organizations:

Choose Marcus Miller as your financial ally, and you'll have a dedicated partner who's ready to guide you on the path to achieving your financial dreams.​

You can connect with him by selecting the "Schedule a Call" button, via email at, or through social media using the links below.

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About Mainstay Capital

Mainstay Capital is dedicated to serving the community with honesty and transparency. Too much of the financial services industry is hidden fees, commissions, and shady kick-backs among the "professionals". This results in the practice of overcharging clients or downright dishonest communication in search of higher profits. We decided to do something about it.


Mainstay Capital is a fee-only financial planning firm that provides comprehensive wealth management services. In short, we advise on and manage your investments for a flat fee that is easily calculated on a handheld calculator. Some other firms may say they charge less, but they pack the fees into the price of their "wrap" products, making it impossible to calculate how much you're paying, and for what. They may sell you "products" that aren't in your best interest. We don't. That is the difference between fee-only and fee-based.

If our advisors determine you need a product like life insurance, annuities, or disability insurance, we search for the best options in the market. We don't take commissions or kickbacks. This removes the incentive to "sell". This is how the industry should be and is at Mainstay Capital.


We serve a fiduciary duty, meaning we are required to act in the best interest of our clients. We put our client's needs, wants, and interests above our own. Our clients pay a flat fee for the peace of mind that we have no incentive to steer them in the wrong direction.

Certified Financial Planner

As a firm policy, we employ CFP® qualified advisors who have made an oath to abide by a code of ethics as part of their designation. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. awards CFP® certification to individuals who meet the board’s requirements for professionalism in financial services.

To gain certification, a financial advisor must pass the 7 hour CFP® Certification Examination, have a minimum of three years of client facing experience, acquire the fundamental coursework in financial planning, and agree to abide by the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Many consider this the Gold Standard in the Financial Advising community.


Live free of financial stress.

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